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The big aim for aerospace is to get the first tourist on the moon by 2023. With this Space Race collection, we are writing the first chapter to celebrate the moonshot mission. The iridescent midsole is inspired by comet dust and plays visually into that mission. Welcome to a new era of innovation in space to empower athletes on Earth. Best For: Surface: Road, Gyms, Flats. Category: Neutral Cushioned - Intended for runners who have a higher, more stable arch that does not pronate excessively(roll inwards) or may even supinate(roll outwards). Neutral Cushioned shoes offer very little or no structure or pronation support and are generally more flexible than stability shoes. Runners who require a neutral shoe tend to notice more excessive wear on the lateral(outside) side of the soles of their running shoes. Neutral shoes can vary from lightweight and minimal cushioning to maximum levels of cushioning depending on the needs and preferences of the runner. Runners with high/stable arches tend to notice pain on the outside(lateral side) of their shins and knees and may also battle plantar fasciitis if not wearing a neutral cushioned shoe. Benefits Include: Touch down with a controlled fit - TFP is used in aerospace engineering for precise support on seating belts or helicopter rotor blades. We are using this technology on the UltraBOOST in an additive process. The density and thickness of the TFP yarn has an influence on stretch of the Primeknit+, which provides lock-down and flexibility with enhanced breathability. An icon in support - The new elevated heel frame provides space-age comfort step after step. Take off with responsiveness, touch down with control, ride with comfort - We are continuing with optimized BOOST on the tooling for ultimate energy return and comfort. 20% more boost for a more responsive run. Symbolic patch, real mission - Not just a patch on a shoe tongue, it is a symbol of our mission to keep pushing the limits of our innovations and technologies. Made With Parley Ocean PlasticĀ® Which Is Made From Recycled Waste, Intercepted From Beaches And Coastal Communities Before It Reaches The Oceans. Weight: 10.9 oz. Heel-to-Toe Offset: 10 mm. Color: black

Women's Black Ultraboost 20 Running Shoe PA46326331